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Market Research

We've partnered with our friends at BlueIntern an online research platform that provides market research information for just about anything.

Creative Process

Our team of expert brand strategists and marketing professionals are on hand to help you and your team in creating effective campaigns.

Campaign Strategy

Partnering with us means multiple strategies for your campaign and ensure that from roll-out and eventual optimization, all KPIs are achieved.

Campaign Asset Design

Just need creative assets like logos, campaign banners and other assets? Our world class team of designers and UI/UX engineers are your best bet.

We had just launched a new subscription model and we tried social media advertising to the conversion was almost non-existent. When we invested little over ₦2,000 to advertise through nano-influencers on Crosad, we got almost 3X conversion of other mediums


You know what your business needs

We just help you lay the building blocks and create something you'd be proud of

With crosad, everything starts with an Idea or concept. In whatever language you are comfortable with, we promise to do our best to understand and translate it to your primary matric of success; more signups, more sales, new subscriptions or awareness.

Reinventing the creative process for big wins

Every campaign will have different goals and requirements. It is our job to figure it out and give you the blueprint to reach whatever demographics and target group you want to reach.

Our team of pixel shifter, code bashers and trend merchants are on hand to help you achieve whatever these goals are. Take the first step by creating your advertisers account and simply requests for what you want from your dashbaord. Whats cool? We actually respond; VERY QUICKLY

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