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  • Signup and connect your accounts

    Getting started with Crosad as a publisher takes less than 3 minutes. Connect your preferred accounts and you are set to go.

  • Accept and publish adverts

    Once your account is set up, you are ready to start receiving and publishing adverts. Only publish adverts that resonates with you to you social accounts.

  • Hello payday!

    With every advert you publish, you earn from your wallet into your account.

All your favorite platforms

Easily import one or all of your social account into your crosad.com account with the click of a button. It doesn't matter where your influence is, we will integrate it into your crosad.com account and distribute platform specific content to you.


Multiple Accounts

Join crosad.com as a publisher and connect up to 6 different platform accounts to your single account.


Seamless Payout

Easily request payout at any time from your dashboard and have your funds trsansfered to your account immediately. No stories!


Continious Growth

You are not only growing your bank account but also your influencer portfolio through in-app learning resources and opportiunities.


Popular Questions

We guarantee that using crosad.com is easy. However, we still like to answer some questions

crosad.com was built to create a bridge between influencers (all types) and brands. To use crosad.com, you don't need a degree or certificate but you must have a history of consistency in posting and follower growth. There must also be a focus on engagement and post quality
Once you signup and link your assets to crosad.com, we take over from there. We ensure you focus on being awesome and creating amazing content and engagement while we focus on bringing the brands and businesses to you.
First, you need to accept an ad campaign and run it. Once the campaign ends, the ad revenue will be in your wallet pending when you request payout. All funds will then be transferred into yiur connected bank account
Yes you can. You can add multiple accounts on the same platform e.g. Twitter or ad multiple platforms e.g. Twitter, Email list and your blog. Each one has it own connection procedure but takes on average 2-4 mins to set up.